With our world being increasingly more environmentally conscious these days, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. But with so many choices, how do you know how each electric vehicle works and which one to choose? Whether it's a hybrid, a PHEV, or a full EV you want, Billy Navarre Hyundai has just the right green vehicle for you. Read on to find yours.

Hyundai Hybrids

Hybrid vehicles - in general - have been around longer. They are excellent for drivers around Jennings, LA, who are looking to save on gas and want to be environmentally conscious while on a budget. Our hybrids run on both a combustion engine and an electric motor. They have a medium-sized battery pack, are completely gas-fueled, and don't require charging.

Hybrids use regenerative energy derived from the brakes and its running gas engine. Instead of wasting this energy like non-hybrid vehicles, hybrids transfer this energy onto their battery pack and use it during acceleration. The result is a smooth, quieter, more powerful ride.

At Billy Navarre Hyundai of Lake Charles, LA, we have a broad range of hybrid vehicles at your disposal. You can choose from the Hyundai Elantra HEV, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, or the Hyundai Ionic Hybrid for your daily commute in Sulphur, LA. For families in Moss Bluff, LA, and surrounding areas, both the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid and the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid are excellent choices.

Hyundai PHEVs

Hyundai PHEVs - or plug-in electric vehicles - (better known as plug-in hybrids) are excellent for in-city driving or long road trips outside of Orange, TX. Plug-in Hybrids come with a plug-in charger - hence the name - to charge their battery. They run on a battery, an electric motor, and a gasoline engine. PHEVs use up the electricity first before tapping into their gas tank, so as long as you keep charging it, you might go weeks or months before you need to refuel.

Our PHEVs (plug-in hybrid) vehicles include the Hyundai Ionic Plug-In Hybrid.

Hyundai EV's

Hyundai EVs - or electric vehicles - require zero gasoline and need a plug-in to charge. They run on an electric motor and a large battery pack. Electric vehicles are best for in-city driving and, of course, better for the environment.

Our Hyundai electric vehicles include the Hyundai Ionic EV hatchback and the Hyundai Kona SUV.

Regardless of your choice, at Billy Navarre Hyundai, our electric and hybrid vehicles are both fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Stop by our dealership today and discover the one that best fits your lifestyle.

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