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If you own a vehicle, you probably know how important routine maintenance is in keeping your vehicle running at its optimal condition. That is why we offer affordable and convenient oil changes for your Hyundai! If your vehicle is ready for an oil change or you are unsure when your last oil change occurred, please make an appointment at our service center near Moss Bluff, LA.

Repeated short distance trips

Like to the store or school and back

Driving in dusty conditions

Winds often move dust more than we realize

Corrosive driving condtions

Driving in areas where salt of other corrosive materials are being used

Extensive use of brakes

Been in rush-hour traffic lately?

Rugged conditions

Driving on rough or muddy roads

Inclines and elevation

Driving in mountainous areas

Idling and low speeds

Extended periods of idling or low speed operation. Again, rush hour?

Hot urban driving conditions

More than 50% driving in heavy city traffic in above 90 degree weather

Check you owner's manual to see what grade and viscosity of oil and change frequency your vehicle needs and occasionally confirm that the oil is at its optimal level.

Based on all your combined driving habits, you may need to change the oil more frequently (every 4,500-5,000 miles may be more appropriate than the normal 6,000-7,500 miles). 
Spending the money and taking the time to get oil changes when recommended by the manufacturer can save lots in the long-run. 

Other benefits include:

And finally, setting a regular oil change maintenance schedule can serve as a benchmark for when other maintenance needs are to be met. 

Start by scheduling your oil change today at your local Hyundai dealer. 

They will include a free, quick Multi Point Inspection and perform any needed adjustments as your car ages. 

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Delaying oil change service can result in irreparable damage to your Hyundai. Let us provide the best possible service for you Hyundai.

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How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Hyundai?

While your oil change schedule depends on a few factors, there are some guidelines that apply to all vehicles on the road. The first factor to consider is the type of oil your vehicle uses. If you are using conventional oil, you should expect to replace your oil once every 3,000 miles or six months. However, if you are using a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, you may be able to drive around Sulphur, LA for up to 7,500 or 10,000 miles before needing an oil change!

The quality of oil and oil filter also play a role, so that is why we only use OEM grade oil filters and premium oil when performing an oil change on your vehicle. Using a premium oil filter is more important than many realize and helps to maximize the life of your oil. A good filter will keep contaminants out of your oil for longer and keep your engine running the way the manufacturer intended. If you are driving near Jennings, LA and wondering how often you should have your oil replaced, give us a call for a tailored suggestion!

How Do I Know When My Oil Needs Replacing?

One way to know when to replace your oil is to keep the receipt or set a reminder after completing an oil change. We place a sticker on the inside of your windshield with the next mileage or time mark when you should have your oil changed. However, if you have just purchased a pre-owned vehicle or are unsure of your model's last oil change date, it is a great idea to have the oil changed. There is really no way to tell how old or what quality of oil is in your vehicle, so starting fresh is a smart idea. There is no harm in having your oil replaced too often, but failing to replace it often enough can be catastrophic for the health of your engine. Set up an appointment at our dealership near Orange, TX soon for a quick and affordable oil change.

What Type of Oil Does My Hyundai Take?

The specific weight of the oil will depend on the vehicle and engine you drive. The majority of newer Hyundai vehicles should use a pure synthetic oil and a high-quality filter. Using these items simultaneously helps keep your engine running at its best and maximizes the time you can drive between oil changes. While it may seem enticing to have a lower-quality oil change performed, it is usually more costly in the long run because you will need to have more oil changes performed and put your engine at a greater risk of increased wear and tear. Make an appointment at our Lake Charles service center to have the highest quality oil and oil filter put into your Hyundai.

Should I Do Anything Between Oil Changes?

Yes! While your vehicle should not burn or leak oil, it is certainly not unheard of for modern cars. You should make it a routine to check the oil level in your vehicle and make note of any changes. A small leak can be easy to miss, but running your vehicle with low oil can lead to a severe engine lock up or another issue. If you have noticed your vehicle getting low on oil between oil changes, bring it to us to have the issues resolved.

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